Add Files to iOS Device

Adding folders and files to ios devices is a process of transferring files from computer to devices. You also have 3 ways to do this.

  1. Action drop menu
  2. Right-click context menu
    Not all items accept adding files into. So when you select an item that is not writable, the "Add Files" menu item will be disable.  And when you select more than 1 item, The action of adding files will not be performed.

    On the contrary, when you choose an writable item or it's parent item is writable, you can perform the "Add Files..." action to add folders and files to device.

  3. Drag and drop
    It's same as adding files from menu. When you drag files from Finder, and drop on a read only item in iBackup Viewer, nothing will be done. Because the dropped item does not accept adding files into.