Remove iTunes duplicate songs by using iCleanup, the easist iTunes duplicates cleaner app

There is always be possible to get lots of duplicated songs and lost tracks ( songs with no music file ) in iTunes library. The duplicated tracks not only occupies so much hard disk spaces, but also keeps annoying us to listen music. Although, iTunes provides a way to show all duplicate tracks by choose the menu "File -> Display Duplicates", the operation will displays all duplicated songs in iTunes library. You can select and delete these tracks. But this method needs us to decide and select which ones to be removed and which ones should be kept, this is not problem if there are only few duplicates, but it will be a tough word if we get hundreds of duplicates.

iCleanup, the easist iTunes duplicates cleaner app manages to remove plenty of duplicate songs from iTunes library. To clear duplicate tracks with iCleanup, you just need following steps to do so:

  • Download the iTunes Duplicates Remover - iCleanup

    Download the latest version of iCleanup from download page. Find the file "" file under your Downloads folder when downloading finished. Unzip the file you'll get the installer file "iCleanup.dmg", double click the file to open and mount the installer, then you'll see:

  • Find the Downloaded zip File in Finder

    Double click to unzip the file to get the DMG installer.

  • Install iCleanup on Your Mac

    Drag the icon "" over "Applications" to finish installation. Then, run the application, iCleanup will first loads the iTunes library, when the whole library was loaded, you need to specify the filter options.

  • Run iCeanup from Application Folder

    Go to Applications folder in Finder if have finished installation in last step.

  • Change Options for Finding Duplicates

    Click "Options" button to modify the conditions for matching duplicates. iCleanup provides flexible options for finding unwanted tracks. Click "Scan" button to start finding duplicates...

      Track Title Compare title of tracks to determine if they are duplicates.
      Track Artist Use artist of tracks as well, this option avoids mis-sorting tracks with same title but from different artists.
      Track Album Name Compare album of tracks.
      File Extension Only tracks with same file extension of the associated files will be treated as duplicates.
      File Quick Comparison Compare file content of tracks, this option is very quickly and meets most of situations.
      File Exact Comparison This option is slow to perform, only identical files will be treated as duplicates.
  • Complete Finding Duplicates in iTunes Library

    After finishing scanning for duplicates, click "Show Results" button to check details of duplicate tracks and dead tracks in iTunes library.

  • Check Unwanted Tracks and Clean

    iCleanup puts all duplicates and dead tracks into groups with obvious number indicator. And iCleanup will magically check unwanted tracks after sorting, but you can make changes of the section manually. Every time you make changes on selection, the information panel shows the spaces will be freed after deletion.

    When you are satisfied with the selection of unwanted tracks, press "Clean" button for cleaning up.

  • Remove Duplicate Tracks from iTunes Library

    iCleanup offers three ways to remove tracks from iTunes library. These options make it safe to avoid losing something important.

      Remove Remove the unwanted tracks from iTunes library only, the files associate to tracks will be kept in iTunes library.
      Trash Remove the tracks and move associated files to Trash, this will save more spaces.
      Delete Delete tracks and associated files permanently, this is the best choice for saving disk spaces.
  • Done! iTunes library becomes clean