Delete certain phone number or email address from many contacts

Some spanning sync apps generate a certain phone number to many of the contacts by mistake. But the number or email address always not the one you want.  When you try to type the number in Address Book application (,  you will see the problem as below:
Wnwanted phone number in many contacts

It's obviously that the phone number +1 405 22 4234 repeats in many contacts,  although it is possible to delete the number manually one by one, but if the number was made to all of your contacts, it will be a tough job to delete in traditional way -  by hand.  
AddressBook Cleaner offers an easy way to the trick in this situation. Here is the tutorial to remove phone number or email address matches to give criteria in simple steps:

  • install AddressBook Cleaner

    Download and Run AddressBook Cleaner

    Get the AddressBook Cleaner installer, and follow the instruction to install the app, then run. 

  • find contacts match to criteria

    Goto menu "Contacts" -> "Search Values..."

    Enter the search criteria (keyword) in the search box, and choose type of the value, "Phone numbers" in the sample case. 

    There are options of matching rules including: Contains, Starts with, Ends with and Whole Word.  Ignore case option will compare strings insensitively.  

    If the search criteria is a regular expression, you can check the option "Regular Expression"   

  • same phone number in many contacts

    Check values to be deleted

    The result contacts match to the search condition will be listed in a table,  check unwanted phone numbers and go on.

  • Press "Delete" button to clear all the phone numbers

    After make selection, click "Delete" button from the toolbar to clear all the phone numbers at once.